Saturday, 15 May 2010

The new politics of the same old bullshit

Anyone else had enough of the condescending bullshit our new prime minister and his arse licking deputy, not to mention the power hungry unprincipled cast of thousands known as the conservative and liberal democratic parties continue to spew over us with the utmost contempt?

Less than a week into our exciting new political future our new coalition government gives us a continued stream of looped sound bites

“The electorate has spoken”

“The National Interest”

“Strong and stable government”

“Take Britain in a historic new direction, a direction of hope and unity, conviction and common purpose".

Of course we all know that politicians crave power, and fair enough why enter politics if you are not going to seek power? “I entered politics to make this country a better place” is the near universal refrain from 645 odd MPs that have just been elected into parliament and in all probability the vast majority of them were sincere in that aim but to do that you need power – Even the Liberal democrats who from the security of third place could be fanciful in their policy forming knowing that it would never bring them a working majority craved power. This more than anything else is the one reason why this coalition may well see out its intended five year term because it could be a long, long time before the Liberals get remotely near power again.

The electorate had spoken all right, and loud and clear it has stated we have three main political parties that do not have sufficient trust, vision or competence to form a government. The electorate wanted a minority conservative government, but a party starved of power for thirteen years was canny enough to figure that the six months to a year that such a government would survive would leave them at a real risk of another thirteen years or more in the wilderness of opposition.

Their best hope was to form a coalition with the Liberals and lock them into a five-year government with promises of absolutely nothing, hoping that five years from now the county would have taken its medicine and be on the mend and in gratitude elect the Tories in with a landslide whilst the Liberals with many disillusioned activists whither into insignificance against Milliband’s (probably David) Progressive Labour Party who are already treating us with equal contempt and equal measure of bullshit as they embark on their leadership campaign and attempt to provide an electable opposition party. The ill fated “Progressive Coalition of the left” has served to give us the term of “Progressive Party” – Whoever wins the Labour party leadership contest will be harping on about the only progressive party in British politics. Forget ID schemes, and invasion of foreign countries. Forget Progressive and new direction it’s the same old politics with the same old bullshit!

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